Playworks harnesses the power of play to bring out the best in our students.  Our students are trained in the Junior Coach Leadership Program.  With organized, supervised play during recess, we have less bullying, students feel safer, students are engaged in more vigorous physical activities, and students transition from recess to their learning environment in less time.
Playworks Mission:  To improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play.
Playworks Core Value:
Respect – Commitment and willingness to show consideration or appreciation
Inclusion – Actively encouraging and ensuring dynamic participation from all children, staff members, and involved community members regardless of abilities and / or pas experiences.
Healthy Community – A group of people and / or surrounding area to which one feels a positive emotional, physical, or social connection for various reasons (positive actions)
Healthy Play – To both occupy oneself in amusement, sport, or other recreation and immerse oneself in physically, emotionally, and socially positive behavior.